Gaming rig is this all compatible? help plz

im Buying and assembling a computer for my personal x mas present and i just wanna make sure that everything is compatible if someone can help me that would be awsome

Graphics card

motherboard/ cpu

cd drive

case/power supply

hard drive
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  1. Your links are dead.
  2. fixed them
  3. graphics card is weak

    Motherboard and RAM are terrible choices for a new build: DDR2 is more expensive and slower than DDR3, and thats an AM2 motherboard anyway. It'll throttle your CPU

    case is fine, but Logisys makes small fireworks factories, not power supplies

    hard drive is re-certified (read: used) and a slow Green drive

    your CPU is ok and so is the DVD burner.

    What's your budget, we can do a lot better
  4. its 300-350 and im tryin to get a quadcore for gaming n other stuff
  5. ok, for $350 we can narrow our view just a bit. I you can swing up to $400 we can do a great PC,

    I have to assume you already have a keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitor, and operating system

    Are you near a microcenter, as that will go a long way if you are with their in-store promo.
  6. nope no microcenter near me only comp usa and if the specs are right i might do 400
  7. a quick, off the cuff build:

    AMD Athlon II X3 450: $79
    AS Rock 770 or 880: $60
    Mushkin 4 GB DDR3-1333: $42
    CoolerMaster Elite 310 case w/ 460 W PSU: $70
    Seagate 7200.12 500 GB HDD: $50
    DVD Burner: $18
    Palit GTS 450: $110

    This is $429!

    some combos can reduce it if you hunt well
  8. thats the one I mentioned avoiding in my first post. AM2+ board really, DDR2, HT2000 instead of 5200. It's a good CPU hampered by the board.

    try this combo:

    and this memory:
  9. Graphics card and case are terrible.... u should switch to an AM3 motherboard and get a Phenom II X3
  10. This case is the same price range, has a discount code currently, and isn't plastic. It looks to be the same body as a Rosewill Challenger but I am not sure.
    It is $30 without only $2 shipping, instead of the $35 + $20 shipping charge on the other case you had. On such a tight budget I can't see using 5%+ of the entire budget on shipping for the case.

    The one you listed has a couple more fans but that is easily fixed by grabbing a 4 pack of them for about $10 later ($15 for blue LED ones) on if the rig is getting hot, which it shouldn't with the other parts you have.
  11. kool thanks u think there is anyware ware i can cut the price down on something cheeper or anything
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