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hi all, k im not good at computers so thats why im here, lol. i just got a newer computer and it only has 2gig of ram but has room to add more. I dont relly do anything like games just internet and chatting with family over seas so i dont need much of a computer. But my old computer has some ram and i wanted to see if i could add the other in the new computer. The ram in the new one is PC2 5300U 1gigs and the old one has 4 sticks of 512mb and is PC3200U, now can i add 2 stick of the 512 to the new computer. Thanks for any help
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  1. pretty sure you wont be able to i believe you need to match all ram ie same type/model also helps if we know what motherboard you have to see what is compatible
  2. thank you for our help ill just stick wth the 2gigs
  3. Why not try it?
    I don't think you can hurt anything.

    Assuming the ram fits in the slots, and it is the same voltage(look at the spec on the sticks) it may work.

    Since the ram is of different speeds you would operate at the lower common denominator of speeds.

    If it works, you will get more out of added ram than it might cost you in ram/cpu speed.
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