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GTX 460 x2 with Q9550

Hi guys
I planning to buy 2x to use them in SLI. My question is whether my processor limit their performance (2x GTX 460) ? My current built is :

Processor : Core 2 Quad Q9550 c1 @ 3.069 Ghz

Motherboard : Nvidia 790i Ultra SLI

RAMS : Corsair 6 GB @ 1333 MHZ Cas 9

HDD : Seagate 1 TB

Sound Card : Creative X-fi Xtreme Audio

OS : Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

Thanks in advance
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  1. what I meant was whether my processor will be able to handle (does not create a bottleneck) the data fed by 2x GTX 460 in SLI
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    No, it can handle the cards well. If you want you can overclock it to 3.4Ghz but i suggest you also buy an aftermarket cooler.

    At 3Ghz there won't be any problems in games.

    And great choice on the video cards. Very good cooling, even in SLI mode.
  3. You have a fast 775 system with ddr3 , it will work fine. What resolution are you gaming at ? The higher , the more efficient the scaling is.
    This fellow got awesome results.
  4. You might want to take a look at this thread. Hope your case is well ventilated.
    Even the cyclone gets hot in sli, well, at this guy anyway.
  5. I have a coolermaster hyper 212 plus cooling my processor in a centurion 590 chassis, is it good enough. I had seen a 2x GTX 460 review on tom's itself and they were using i7 980X at 4 Ghz, that is the why this question arose in my mind. Also, will it be a little more advantageous to go for 2x GTX 460 over 2x GTX 470, as to what I know GF104 is better than GF100 in price, temp, performance. Also will this set be good enough for 3 monitor at 1080p OR 23-24' 3D screen?
  6. Then get your CPU at 3.4 if you want. At list that is the sweet spot for my core 2 duo(same socket). The gtx470 in sli will give you more performance then 2x gtx460 but the heat and power consumption will be higher(and the price also).
    As for 3 monitors in games i know that AMD cards have that option. Nvidia has surround but i think only with 2. I won't say more because i do not know exactly.
  7. As i'm going for 2x SLI, I don't think 3 monitors should be a problem, but what about a single 23' nvidia 1080p 3D monitor?
  8. I heard that MSI cyclone has fan fins that breaks off really easily when slightly bumped when you are doing some stuff inside your case...
  9. flowingbass said:
    I heard that MSI cyclone has fan fins that breaks off really easily when slightly bumped when you are doing some stuff inside your case...

    I don't think you an break them that easy. NEVER WORK WITH A HAMMER INSIDE THE CASE :lol: . The fins might be a little more sensitive to bending but other than that the cards should be ok.

    "..but what about a single 23' nvidia 1080p 3D monitor?" -Well that won't be a problem, but for more fps i would go with 2xgtx470. You will have an advantage when using a 3d monitor in demanding games. If i had the money, i would buy the best that i can. It depends on how much you want to invest in your video cards.
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