PSU required for 580 in SLI with 2500k Oc'ing

Hi Guys,

I am setting up a new rig and this is what I am looking to set up.

Proc : Intel 2500k
MoBo : Asus PH867-M Evo
Ram : G-Skill Ripjaw 1600 MHZ 4GBX2
G Card : Zotac GTC 580 x 2
Case : Zotac 690 II advanced
Cooler : Corsair H70
DVD R/W : Sony AD 7260S
Fans : Other than the 3 case fans I look to put in 2 more

I will also be overclocking my rig. I look to OC my processor. What SMPS is required for a set up like this?

I have been looking at the corsair 850TX. I have seen a lot of sites and have got a lot of varying responses.

Please advice. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Also, I am based out of India and will be using this set up mainly for gaming. I look to run at a minimum of 1920x1080 resolution.
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    Total system load Furmark stress test 850watts gaming 620watts this is on an overclocked I7 920 system
    So the 850TX will do it fine with gaming but be careful when stress testing!
  3. I don't understand how do you want to buy 2 x 580 and think about oc and buy that motherboard?! Spend more money and buy a proper motherboard for oc. Why don't you to buy 2 x 6950 and you will get everything you need and less money spend and a lot less electricity used?
    That power supply is more than fine for your rig.
  4. Yes the TX 850 will do just fine..
  5. Sorry guys. My mistake. Picking up the Asus P8P67-PRO(not the P8H67). The H series obviously does not support OC'ing. Getting excited though. Will be putting a new rig together after 4 years.
  6. Does not change anything the TX850 is still good!
  7. Hi guys. Thanks for the confirmation so far. My old rig had a 1440x900 display. It was the first rig I built ground up around four years back. Looking to pick up a 32" LCD this time around. Hopefully a Samsung series 5.
  8. With a full HD resolution.
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