System Freeze after non usage

Hey all

I have been experiencing a problem with my system. it started with random changes in the sound like a scratched record which would then shut down the system. After restarting the system, my PC would then have nothing on screen and no beeps were heard from the motherboard. I then reset the CMOS and was able to restart my system with no problems. However, the problem would happen again and I would then have to reset the CMOS. I decided to reformat, only now instead of noises like a scratched record the PC just freezes after not being used for awhile (10-15 mins) I then restart and at times this results in having nothing on screen and making me reset the CMOS.
I have changed the motherboard battery to see if that makes a difference (about 20 mins ago) with so far no problems. Any ideas would really help. Thanks.

My system specs:

CM Storm Case
AMD Phenom II X4 925
4 GB Geil RAM DDR2 800
XFX ATI 5770
Creative X FI Xtreme Gamer
Coolermaster 700 W
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  1. haha we almost have the same build
    to me i think its the motherboard
    i think the motherboad is fried
  2. Lol sweet build huh?
    Yh that was my guess too.. I've only had that motherboard for like not even a year though :S I haven't had any problems since yesterday after i changed the battery. Really weird symptom
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