How much will my CPU bottleneck my new GPU?

I recently bought a new GPU, wondering how much my CPU will bottleneck it.

SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6850 (1GB)

Intel Core Duo E7400 @ 2.8Ghz, Stock settings. (Should I overclock it, or will it be fine?)
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  1. At lower resolutions (< 1650x1050) the CPU will probably bottleneck you some, but at higher resolutions the CPU will become less of a bottleneck as the load shifts to the GPU. I would recommend overclocking your CPU to give you some extra headroom.
  2. Yah you should O.C. to minimize the bottleneck.An O.C. over 3.1ghz should be optimal.
  3. Get a good heatsink and push it to 4Ghz. I just sold a friend of mine a build with the 7400 added a single rad water loop oc it to 4 and let him have it.
  4. Depends on what resolution you play at.

    Either way, I would overclock it. Not sure how good the stock cooler is but you should be able to get a decent overclock.
  5. in a lot of cases it will depend on the games you play. a game like battlefield bad company 2 needs more than 2 cores to enable it to use more than 50 percent of the gpu power.
    while crysis would run quite happily at much higher settings as it only needs a dual core.
    overall i would recommend you switch the core2duo out for a quad of 2.4 or faster.
  6. We don't even know what games he's going/trying to play.

    We need more details to assist you.
  7. Quote:
    either he's busy with prime95 or his fighting fires inside his box

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