Upgrading CPU, MoBo, RAM, HDD, and Graphics. Opinions

Alright 1st off. The price tag I am looking for this upgrade is under $300 give or take $20

I'm upgrading a Emachines T5088...its upgraded as much as it can be currently...
This upgrade in the end will most likely change everything that makes it what it already was.
Now what I would like is opinions. I have been studying the A+ Comptia PDF I have and will know what your talking about for the most part. So dont be afraid to get technical.

Now I will post the links to the upgrade compents Im thinking about giving.
This computer will be MOSTLY for playing World of Warcraft...BUT also video editing and making Machinima Videos and Photoshop.

MY current PSU....http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817170012&cm_re=logisys-_-17-170-012-_-Product

WHAT IM PLANNING TO GET FEEL FREE TO SHIFT AROUND(All parts are coming from newegg.)






:) Feel free to help out. Those totaled are about $250ish so thats a $50 gimme to add a bit more or subtract. I might need a new case since the one I have only has an 80mm exhaust and is loud! lol
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  1. The video card is not great, but for $30 ok.
    The Regor is 65 watt, do not know if that matters.
    Athlon II X3 435 is $72 , if you can afford the heat in your case (80 watt), for $10 you get an extra core and "lose" 100 GHz, you intend to overclock anyway.
    If you are lucky you might unlock another core.
    Probably the best thing to do is order a Corsair CX430 $45 w $10 rebate since the gpu will be the bottle neck.
    Combo deals could shave some dollars, look close.
    You do not mention Operating System, TECHNICALLY your OS is tied to the mothertboard.
    Research OEM vs Full Version if you haven't already.
  2. I would spend the extra $50 and get a 5770.That way you should be able to play WoW on high settings.Would also really help out with the Photoshop etc.

    MSI 5770 $120=$90 after MIR + Free Shipping
  3. Are you using the power supply from the emachines computer?
  4. UM cases are serious. wait for Easter Friday sales, you should be able to pick up a case with fans for about $35. Research!
  5. The PSU you have picked out defnitly is very cheap.It won't last long and you run the risk of ruining other parts because of it.
    I suggest this PSU


    It stretches your budget but it's a neccesity to have a good reliable PSU.
  6. 1st is Windows Basic OEM thats all I have for no BUT will get Win7 asap :)

    Yes I figured the combo deal might be a good way to go but the ones I have been looking at take up the $300 or come with DDR2 RAM rather then DDR3

    Last I might just think about getting the better PSU :) Unless I go with the combo that has the case with the nice power supply in it :D Thanks guys!!!
  7. I would use as much from the Emachines build as you can.Including the case,hard drive etc.Things like the hard drive you can salvage because they don't have a large impact on performance.
  8. Reason for the Hard Drive upgrade is due to 160gb not being enough. Id like at least 320gb.
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