Will I get enough of an upgrade for $1,200 for it to be worth it??

I run 2 computers in my home. Primary is a gaming PC used by me for Web Browsing, Light Photo Editing, Work from Home, FPS (CoD), WoWarcraft, RTS (SC2). Secondary is used by my wife primarily to work from home and some web browsing and playing internet games. Secondary machine had it's Mobo and possibly other components crap out on me. I have to decide whether to spend $200-300 plus time to patch up her machine and upgrade mine in 12-18 months or spend $1,200 to upgrade mine and give my old machine to her.

My main concern is do I get enough value for $1,200 now to see a serious increase in gaming/multitasking etc or am I better off waiting and patching her computer up? Here is what the primary machine is running..

Processor: Intel Q600 OC to 3.0 GHz
GPU: 8000GTS 640MB

What do you think my best bet is and what kind of performance should I see? Thanks!
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  1. Your 8800GTS is getting old so is the Q6600 although it has some life left. You can get a great machine for $1200.
    http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/build-a-pc-core-i3-overclock-system-builder,2809.html just swap out the I3 for a I5 760.
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