HAF 932 GPU bracket + screw issues

Not sure if this is exactly the right forum to post in, apologies if it's not.

I've just encountedered a problem with attempting to install two GTX 560's in my Coolermaster HAF 932 case with an Asus P8P67 Pro motherboard. This involves first fitting the card into the PCI slot, then placing two screws per card to fasten the metal bracket on the card to the brackets at the rear of the case, before clipping down plastic fasteners over the bracket to further secure it.

I'm building a new system, and installed both cards initially to get a feel for the space requirements (mostly in order to organise my cable management better). This attempt was successful, but I don't intend to keep both cards in when first booting the computer (going to install the second after the OS is installed); in addition, I need to plug in one usb cable which I forgot about to the pins on the bottom of the mobo, and the bottom card makes this very difficult due to lack of space. So I decided to take the lower card out. Unfortunately, it seems that during installation I somehow burred the screw thread in the case bracket, since I couldn't get the screw out, except after a lot of experiementation with a magnetic screwdriver. There was no indication that I'd messed up the thread, since the screws went in easily the first time, but it seems to have been damaged somehow regardless.

The problem now of course is that I won't be able to screw the card back in properly, since the screws won't screw in fully enough to secure the card's bracket to that of the case (the screw just keeps turning around without tightening, and the bracket is still loose). To compound the problem, the plastic clips won't properly fasten themselves over the bracket, since the card's bracket is a tiny bit too large for them (they do clip down, but not properly; there's no "click" to indicate that they're fully in place). So I've got a graphics card which I can't properly secure to the case, which I really don't want, because the weight of the card means that it'll probably pull itself partially out of the slot over time, potentially damaging it and causing other problems.

The obvious solution to this problem is to buy another case, but a) that seems like a huge waste of a perfectly good case b) it's expensive and c) I REALLY don't want to have to uninstall all the components from the case, put them all back in a new one, and spend ages re-organising the power and data cables, since it took me about 6 hours to put it all together the first time (1st time builder remember :P).

Has anyone encountered a problem like this before, or got any ideas as to how I can proceed? I would be very, very grateful if anyone has any advice.
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  1. With the threads gone in the case the simple solution would be a self tapping sheet metal screw in the correct size to replace the original screw. (are you sure you where using the right size screw 6-32 not one of the smaller ones 4-40 or 3m)
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