Upgrading my video card, but will my cpu be able to handle it?

I have a Compaq Presario SR2170NX that is pretty old and I wanted to make a new build altogether but I am short on cash so I was just thinking about upgrading the Video Card. The only game I play is Counterstrike 1.6 and occasionally I will play games that run on the HL2 engine(source,l4d,etc.) Right now the specs for my PC are:

p4 3.0 ghz Hyper Threading Tech. Socket 775
1gb ddr2 533 Ram
Ati x1300 pro
160gb HD
585w Psu

I've heard ppl in the cs community talking about "bottlenecking" so it kind of scared me when I was looking for video cards. Do you guys think the GDDR5 GT240 1GB 128bit Video card will run without and glitches on my system? Please don't recommend ATi video cards because I like the nvidia control panel a lot better. Plus the digital vibrance feature on Nvidia cards are awesome.
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  1. It should work but make sure it is PCIe version 2.0 since version 2.1 has had some issues on older motherboards. The bottlenecking just means that the card does not run at its full potential, it is still going to perform better than the next card below in the performance rank.
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