Video card recomendation!

Hi all
i want to change the video card of my pc, but i was wondering if the 220w psu that comes with my computer is able to handle a good video card
a friend of mine told me that the ati hd 5550 would be allright

here are my pc specs

i would aprecciate any good advice or recomendation
thanks in advance

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  1. You could get away with HD5570 (total system load under 200watts) at the most, HD5550 is safer! Just remember that you will need a low profile card
  2. i asume the hd 5450 1gb is even a safer choice
    it has a max power draw of 20w
    is it?
  3. because thats better than having nothing my other pc is a hp dv6000 laptop with no audio due to the high temps it suffers and im tired not having something where to play at least at normal resolution
    this is the best idea i got with the short budget that i have
    i appreciate the information given anyway
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