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Nvidia 8800 GT Crashing Issues

My pc works fine running videos or using the internet. However, after running a game for more than 15 minutes, the graphics completely stop, the monitor goes black and the sound keeps playing residual effects from the game. It is impossible to go back to the desktop without cold rebooting. I have tried cleaning out my pc to no avail, tried uninstalling/reinstalling drivers. I've been using uninstall, then driver sweeper, then reinstall, all within safe mode. No luck!
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  1. Have you checked your temps?
  2. There's a poster on this thread that details putting the card in the oven to heat up the solder on the board which worked perfect for me, though it ended up being only a temporary fix. You can expect a few extra months from it.

    here's his fix:

    "1) Removed the heat sink and I/O shield so the card was naked
    2) Made four metal balls of aluminium foil
    3) Pre-heated my over to 385oF
    4) Placed the card on a metal baking try using the balls of aluminium to support the card on four corners (not touching any components)
    5) Waited for the over to reach the correct temperature then placed the card in the over for 9 minutes
    6) Removed the card from the oven once my stop-watch had reached 9 minutes and placed on the side for 1 hour to cool down
    7) After waiting about an hour I re-attached the heat sink and I/O shield then tossed the card back in my computer and voila problem solver, no more vertical green dots on boot and no more error code 43 "
  3. It turns out that Nvidia's driver suck. I had uninstalled/reinstalled many times, using driver sweeper each time, but apparently that didn't do the trick. I reinstalled windows and the problems went away like magic. So obviously the problem is residual conflicting drivers/registry entries that are causing the issues.
  4. You aren't answering our question, what about your card temps?
    Because in your case, i'm pretty sure your card is overheating and not driver problem...
  5. wa1 said:
    You aren't answering our question, what about your card temps?
    Because in your case, i'm pretty sure your card is overheating and not driver problem...

    I don't understand... If I reinstalled windows and it hasn't "overheated" since, doesn't that mean it was the windows install, not the "overheating" issue you speak of? Common logic would dictate...

    That being said, my video card without playing games is at an average temperature of 80 c. During games, it runs about 90-105 c, which I realize is fairly high. But then, why does it work all of a sudden after the reformat?
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    Just because the re-install solved your problem doesn't mean there was anything wrong with the OS or registry. Re-installing windows has got rid of multiple background processes and services that would have been causing extra stress (and heat) on your computer. So this sounds VERY much like a temp fix.

    80c is 20c over what my graphics cards run at IN GAME. 105C is stupidly hot and even if it runs the game, you will soon be buying new cards and cleaning up a sticky mess that used to be your graphics cards.

    Most people would say 80C while gaming is fairly high, let alone at idle.

    I would stop playing games until you have solved this.
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