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Hi, six months ago ,me and a bunch of friends decided to do a not so big lan party(about 10),
Every games were working right until it came with the network, every pc were connected to a Netgear switch 16 ports, the weird thing is that (example)
pc1 could see pc2-3 but not pc4 and
pc2 could see pc1-3 but not pc3 and pc4
Worst of all , when playing starcraft some players just couldn't see the hosted game,but can go inside the host pc.
I think that day i tried putting everyone on a fix Ip until a friend of mine came and screw up everything.
The party was like 1 hour of play for 4 hours of troubleshooting.

So I was wondering if someone could tell me how to set-up things right?
(I Wonder if putting gamespy arcade would be just simpler, since we play old games i doubt it's going to lag)
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  1. First off, make sure your're all on the same switch or the switches used are daisy chained.

    Second, just have everyone disable their Windows Firewall unless they know how to set it up correctly and fast.

    Third, Make sure there is at most one router/nat on the network as multiple nats could hand out different subnets

    Fourth, make sure you're all on the same subnet and can ping each other. I'd go as far as static IPs with the gateway/dns info copied from what you get when you use DHCP.
  2. I remember someone connected a router to the switch so we could all get dynamic IP, but i didn't know about the subnets , to tell you truth you got me lost on step 3.
    Last time i connected everyone on the network switch with static Ips, but still there was problems, i guess i'll bring my old computers tomorrow and try to make them work fine with a switch / router / dynamic ip
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