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  1. I would use the 1333 7-7-7-21; don't know if the 2000 will run at the tested speed on your board, and the price is higher.
  2. Some of your links don't work if you want replies you will need to fix them.
    But I wouldn't bother spending all the money on the 2000 speed just go for ram that is 1600 or the ram you have at 1333.
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    Most memory will work with any motherboard unless you have a high speed or a voltage of 1.65v instead of 1.5v. That is good ram, but I wish you would fix the link to the motherboard so we can see which one you want to get.
  4. Links fixed.
  5. The memory I would go with would be the 1600 speed G.SKILL. Sometimes there are problems with overclocking memory and not getting up to the stated speed.
  6. Will it be compatible with the motherboard?
  7. Yes
  8. Check the ram voltage adjustments in your bios before you order. This is low voltage ram; many boards won't run below 1.5v.
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