I5 2500k average temps?

I'm running an i5 2500k, asus p8p67 le motherboard, stock cooler and getting around 66C temps. This is my first PC build so I'm really just curious if this is normal or if I should consider getting a better cooler. If so, how much of a decrease in temp should I see? I've noticed a few threads with ppl not getting temps over 40C range which kinda makes me scared....anyways, like i said this is my first build and any advice would be much appreciated.
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  1. I'm also getting these temps straight from the BIOS. literally just got it all hooked up and turned it on and noticed the temp
  2. My 2500k is about 40C idle, goes up to MAYBE 50C in Bad Company 2 with full settings on. This is with an H50 Corsair kit. 60 something seems a bit high. You using the stock fan/heatsink?
  3. Disregard last question, I fail at reading. Also, BIOS isn't the best place to check temps, it seems to inflate them there. Download HWMonitor or Realtemp to check, they do a more accurate job it seems.
  4. ya those temps are ok . My gfs Pc does not go over 66C on full load stock clocks stock cooling
  5. I'm guessing that your temps are @ idle - You need to check under load!!
    I've seen several threads where the user is seeing 60C in BIOS and 40 ->50 in windows 7 @ idle.
    In bios the system is @ idle with less of a workload, but for 100% of time. In windows, @Idle, the work load is higher BUT windows will shut cores down for part of the time - This is simular to PWM which will decrease the AVg power consumption and therefore lower temps after the operating system is loaded..

    More important is the temps when under load. For this download and install CPUID HWMonitor. Also down load Prime95. Run HWMonitor and monitor temps (primarily the for indivual core temps) then run Prime95 and monitor the Max temps that you get. Recommend 70C or less, preferably the less. You only need to run for about 15 minutes to check temps, but for stability, 1 to 4 hours minimum (many run for 8 Hours to insure stability.

    On HSFs - I do not even install the Stock HSF (Intels HSF is at the bottom of the heap in terms of performance. While the 3rd party ($30) HSF may not make much diff @ idle, they will make a considerable diff when under load.
  6. ^ If the temps he is reporting are Under load, I would aggree, But I have a feeling that they are at Idle. If so he needs to check them under load, in which case he may still be OK, but on the other hand he may also find that they are quite high.
  7. Yes, I was getting these temps @IDLE. I had literally just turned on my PC for the first time and entered into the BIOS to discover a steady 66C temp. I plan on overclocking the CPU so this kinda crushed my spirits for a sec :\ .... Did not have time to install Windows yet, but I plan on stopping by Micro Center on the way home from work and picking up a good cooler, such as the Corsair H50/70.

    How much of a decrease in temp should I expect from a good cooler? I'm seeing in other threads people are only getting 2-4degree difference, but I'm sure it's much different under heavy load.

    Also, if I'm going to remove the stock cooler, whats the best way to clean off thermal compound without damaging the CPU?

    Sorry for all the noob questions I just want to get as much good info as I can and this place has been a GREAT for that. I really appreciate the detailed response Chief. I plan on running all the stress tests tonight.
  8. well i hav different CPU but when i installed hyper 212+ i got difference of like 6 to 8 degree at idle and over 10C at max load :)
  9. No there is something wrong at idle they should be in the 30-40C not 66C make sure your heat sink is properly attached or maybe thermal paste is missing ? something is wrong , like i said my Gf pc gets 66C under prime 95 load at stock speeds stock cooler !
  10. Attached a Corsair H50 and am now at a chilly 33C ;) thx guys.
  11. Good News, Enjoy.
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