Problem with mic inputs

Hello, I'm having trouble with some microphone inputs and I have no idea how to fix this.
I've been searching for a solution on Google for days and now I have given up. I really need your help.

I'm not sure what's the cause, but it seems no matter what mic I use it seems to pick up static hiss noise.

I have tested with two:

Zalman mic seems to be REALLY quiet so I have to boost the mic to +20db.
I've recorded a short audio test to let you hear it for yourself:
Here is another audio test without mic boost:

I found this random audio test file for Zalman:
The sound is very clear and has absolutely no static noise behind it, unlike mine. I have no idea who this is or what he is saying. I found this from Google.

Anyone have idea how I can fix this?

I'm not sure if this would help, but I'm using on-board sound card from Asus P8P67 Rev v3.1.
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  1. I'm not sure what you've done for troubleshooting, but:

    Try plugging the mics into another device and testing it, if you can, just to eliminate a possible cause.

    Also try plugging the mics into different ports if you have them. If you had them in the front jack, try the rear instead, etc.

    Also, go directly to the ASUS website and make sure you've updated your sound drivers.

    We look forward to a response.
  2. I've updated BIOS, sound drivers from the manufacturer, and even tried using a driver from Realtek. Of course, I tried using it from the rear side.
    I have a mac, so I can't test on this machine since it only accepts line-in input.

    I really appreciate your response. I really want this problem to be fixed, but I'm almost close to giving up. I just can't 'cause I do live broadcasting.
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