Up to $2000-$2500 first build recomendations

My first build and certainly first build advice request. Hope I’ve not gotten overly confusing or gotten off topic. Please note I’m not trying to be overly demanding- trying to get you guys the most accurate input possible in order to help me:)

Waiting for sandybridge release to complete build - not in major hurry.
Could start gathering some parts now, if any not to be missed sales, on parts that won't change or have major updates very soon.

Budget approx $2k-$2.5k (with 22"-24" IPS Monitor -suggestions welcomed)
-Location: US
-Use: Multiple apps simultaneously, heavy internet 'research', moderate amount of gaming (do want high quality settings), some photo/video editing, BluRay/High Def Video viewing would be nice. Also frequently download/transfer very large files for my jtag xbox360.

-Gaming Resolution: Likely 1920x1080 (Dell Ultrasharp U2311H/U2211H)
possibly 1920x1200 (U2410)
*Am considering adding a second monitor (if going w cheaper U23111H or U2211H) so would like GPU to be able to handle additional monitors.

*A) Monitor/GPU:
Am really picky about graphic/video display quality. Being so picky (and not having any stores nearby that stock mid/high end IPS Monitors to see in person) need extra help here!
-> Do want to play with very high quality settings. Don’t want to worry about having to upgrade GPU for at least a while.
->Would consider over-clocking, especially if didn’t void warranty or maybe factory OC’d; BUT not necessary by any means.
* GPU selection change at all if I want to add second/possibly third monitor in future?
* Is dual DVI/Display port input needed on monitor for multi monitor setup (Dell U23/2211H doesn’t have- problem?)

*B) Case/Fans:
First and foremost- no crazy looking ‘gaming’ shaped cases (pretty much anything you’d find on prefer elegant looking, but trick. Side window/LED lights would be cool but not required. Has to be easy to work in, as it’s my first build. Would like neat cable management.
-> Is going in living room- don’t want too big, but do not want to sacrifice too much cooling/ease of build. Also quiet would be big plus!

*C) SSD/Hard Drive: *Would like minimum 120GB at very least.
-> How far off and how expensive are the consumer version next generation SandForce controllers looking? Any reason to put off SSD until (especially if build may not be completed for 1 month or so after SandyBridge). Please advise, but still include current product recommendations.

D) Motherboard:
-> Assuming you guys might recommend Sandybridge, not sure if enough specs are known or if there been any reviews motherboards coming to market...?

E) Power Supply, ect:
-> If recommending single GPU for this build, would like the option to add a second GPU in future. Also option to overclock, though probably not until warranties out or postponing need for upgrade in future.

F) Optical Drives:
-> Would like BluRay (read/write)

I’ll leave whatever else up to your recommendations. Again, if any of the aforementioned doesn’t make sense or just not advisable- please fill in recommendations disregarding- just trying to guide with parameters. THANK YOU for help!!! I’ll keep you guys up to date on build and post pics, ect as progress is made. I'd not even attempt without your help- so thanks again!

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    CPU/ Mobo - Yes currently it would not be a good idea to suggest any parts before SandyBridge launch,...

    RAM - Atleast 8GB DDR3
    Some options -

    CASE - If you dont want to overspend on the case, but still have quality, nice airflow and functional, then the Cooler Master 690 II Advanced would be a very good option
    If you want lights with windows, but still look clean, then this -
    Lian-Li K62

    PSU - IMO a 750W 80+ Gold would be very good

    Video card - You can expect Nvidia to launch their GTX 560 by Jan, and the reason why I suggest Nvidia over ATI is mainly because of CUDA, which many video apps and other rendering apps take advantage of,...

    SSDs - IMO if you can afford it, then you should get it,... Many might not still agree going with SSD, but IMO it is the one part which reduces greatly the main bottleneck of the PC - Slow HDDs
    Currently there is a promo code for the 60GB SSDs,
    $15 off with promo code HARDOCP1222A, ends 12/28
    So for 2 of these, the price is nearly the same as the 120GB, but in RAID 0, they would be a lot faster,...
  2. thank you very much taking the time to help! This is scary stuff when you've been overpaying for Dell's proprietary crap for years.
    I'll have to google that NVIDIA gpu have not seen anything about it yet.
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