3D gaming on my pc help?

i been looking at some monitors combo with the 3d vision for about $499, i have a 680i mobo with SLI GTX 460 768mb oc version, GTX 460 as a dedicated physx card, 4gb ram windows 7, cpu Q9650 3.0, would i be able to un 3D gaming smooth i heard the frame rate drops a lot on 3D gaming. thank you
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  1. i forgot to add windows 7 64bit
  2. 3D gaming essentially halves your FPS (although I think it's not quite that bad). So, if you're playing at 80+ FPS, then you'll be at 40+ which is ok. You'll probably have to change some settings in a few games.

    Can I ask, where did you get the idea to buy a 460 for PhysX? I wish I could have told you before you spent $220 on it that a $80 card would work just as well... probably could have put that money towards a pair of GTX 470s instead... :(
  3. hmmm 2 question would it be worth the money is 3D gaming that good of experience? and would my rig handle it?

    and about the GTX 460 as a dedicated physx i didnt buy it i had a GT 240, my friend had the GTX 460 then he upgraded it, i gave him my GT 240 he gave me the GTX 460 i didnt wanna say no might as well
  4. Hah ok well that's a pretty sweet deal then.

    Yeah your rig can handle it. Whether or not it's worth it is entirely 100% up to you. I like 3D movies, I assume I'd like 3D games. But at the same time, most games aren't made for 3D so they probably won't be pushing the technology to the "wow" factor, but I'm sure it'll look really cool.
  5. lol yeah when he said lets switch i though he was ripping me off (but why would he do that hes my friend right? lol) because i dont know much about physx so i assume going from a GT 240 to a GTX 460 is a sweet deal, or maybe just the same thing? idk. i guess im going to see what games are for 3D. and i also wanna change monitors currently im using a 32inch vizio plasma TV yeah its big, but it doesnt handle high resolution im running at 1280 x 720 at 60hz, i dont like it
  6. A GTX 460 is waaaaay faster than a GT 240, but for PhysX it's also a lot more power than you need. You could sell it and buy something cheaper lol.

    Anyway, yeah I'd definitely upgrade from that TV. A good monitor like a Samsung 2494SW is ~$200 for 1920x1080. 3D monitors are a lot pricier since they need to have 120hz support. I'm not surprised it's $500 for that.

    One other option would be to buy 3 monitors (non 3D) and run "surround vision" which is really cool.
  7. well i have a 750 power supply so im ok i think... lol yeah i went ahead and purchase this monitor Asus VG236H 23" 2ms 1920x1080 Full HD 120Hz 3D, i did the Bill me later option to pay it in full for 6 months no interest. cant complain so far
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