Rate my rig

just wondering how good my computer i just finished building is?
Antec 1200 case
ernmax revolution 1020W psu
asus rampage 3 extreme mobo
sli nvidia gtx 460
I7 950
bigfoot networks killer 2100 network card
thermaltake spinq vt
12gig kingston ram
blueray writer/burner/reader
300gig verlociraptor hdd
1tb sata3 hdd
keyboard (logitec mx5500)
mouse(razer mamba)
sound (7.2 home theatre)
main display (40" hd3dtv)
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  1. Old.
    1. Why buying such a powerfull power supply? You don't need more than 750W.
    2. Why not buying a 6970 instead of 2 x 460?
    3. You can buy with the same money i7 2600 which is much better than i7 950. Why i7 950?
    4. It's pretty hard to justify buying Bigfoot 2100.
    5. Thermaltake spinq vt is an average cooler. You have so many cheaper and better options like Zalman CNPS-10x or Titan Fenrir.
    6. Spend a bit more and instead of 300 gb velociraptor , buy a SSD like OCZ vertex 2 120 gb.
  2. Its an OK machine, I agree with the above about why not get the 2600K or even the 2500K if your mainly gaming. I disagree about the SLi 2 x 460 they are way better than a 6970.
  3. I know, simon12, that 2x460 are better than 6970 but his resolution is 1920x1600 so 6970 it's fine and consumption is a lot less.
  4. bigfoot networks killer 2100 network card won't reduce latency. i saw a test somewhere, it only reduce 2 to 3 MS and sometime game it even increases
  5. the best way to reduce latency is connect directly to your modem with a wire, with no router, and have a decent cable provider that users fiber optic cable...
    network cards a pointless if your motherboard already has a 10/100/1000 or faster Ethernet connection.
    all these claims of lowering latency are just hype.
    the reason they do manage to drop a few MS is that the software that comes with it optimizes your connection for the speed you have.
    you can do the same for free and probably better.

    basically you have bought a fair bit of dated or pointless hardware.

    dont get me wrong its not a bad gaming setup but i would have gotten a different cpu/motherboard, a lower wattage psu and wouldn't have gotten the network card.
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