ASUS m4a89GTD with AMD Phenom and Nvidia GTS250


I am fairly new to computer building but I want to get my feet wet and try to build a new computer and If I enjoy it enough, might do it in the future.

Anyways, considering I believe I have a fairly decent graphics card (nvidia GTS 250) and a fairly decent PSU (500W, not sure of make or brand, but dont feel like looking right now) I thought about building my own PC.

I thought about buying a new one all together but even if I have to replace the PSU I won't mind but my new set-up I was considering was this.


I guess my question being is will the mobo and cpu be okay with the video card? or will there be bottlenecking involved/hanging, etc basically can I still get some decent potential out of the video card? or would an upgrade be viable? If so can I have some graphic card suggestions for the mobo and processor set-up? (that won't break the bank)
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  1. why dont you go for Sandy Bridge? i5 2300 is top notch for the price it is!
  2. +1 Asus M4A89GTD
    +1 PhII 955BE
    -1 GTX 250 (on a CrossFire mobo? -- unless you already have it :) )
    -1 SB 2300
  3. Wisecracker said:
    +1 Asus M4A89GTD
    +1 PhII 955BE
    -1 GTX 250 (on a CrossFire mobo? -- unless you already have it :) )
    -1 SB 2300

    Yah, I already have the GTS 250 that I just bought about a year ago I believe. I might just consider investing into a new video card, what do you guys suggest? whats hot now days?
  4. I guess I should of mentioned that I already have the GTS 250, I want to benefit from Crossfire, but I read that, at least to my understanding, is that one video card can be compatable with the mobo and that crossfire/sli is more for multiple video cards? My current plan is too hold off on buying a video card until i have more money to purchase 2 crossfire compatible GPUs
  5. Yes I knew that. I am trying to ask if the GTS 250 will still hold me over on this MOBO until I purchase a crossfire capable GPU?
  6. PS, are you stoked for SWTOR?
  7. Your GTS250 is fine for an old-timer, Grandpa --LOL-- you just can't push the highest details, any DX11, or highest resolutions.

    Playing games at a level that you enjoy is the most important thing --- otherwise, screw the whole AMDIntelATInVidiaSLICF stuff ...
  8. thx wisecracker lol. I'm thinking of just investing the 150 dollars into a new card anyways. the more that I think about it the money that I spend on that becomes more and more practical for a "new system"
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