Choosing motherboard for sandybridge

i am planning to change from amd to intel,,
my current system is
athlon 2 x3 440
4gb g.skill ripjaws
western digital 1tb
cougar cmx pro 700
msi 560ti..

this build is for gaming..
my budget for the processor and motherboard is around $450
any suggestion? should i take the 2500k or the 2600k(for future proofing)? what board should i get? should i get a cheap z68 board and buy a ssd to boost my gaming and windows boot?

thanks for you reply...

any suggestions?
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  1. I wouldnt go with the 2600, rather id go with the 2500 is your budget is 450- that way your getting a good mother board. As far as "future proofing" there is really no such thing. I build a new comp every 3 years, build the best you can with the money you have and dont over clock is about as future proofing as it gets.
  2. +! for the 2500k
    thanks for the reply about the motherboard what should i get?
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