My Computer is Dying

I have one of the most strange computer's probleme

(cor2due e7400 2800GHZ) * (2GB mem ddr2 .. goodram type)* (video card asus Nvedia GeForce 1GB 9400GT)* ( Motherboaed Asus P5QL SE intel p43) .... its very good components
1. the red light in front of my case is flashing too much so my pc is freezing when the red light is freezing for . when the red light stop flashing it stills red for 2 min ... after 2min the red light flashs naturally and i can use my pc with agood performance
2. i changed my 2GB mem from its slut to another one but its useless
3. to start my pc i need more than 6 min (its unbelievable)
4. THere is no virus or malware or any thing like this .... am very sure
5. No regestery problems
6. plz notic that the redlight may stop flashing at any time without reason and i have to wait 2min to continue using my pc
7. Where is the problem ( Motherboard, Mems, HardDisk )
please give me ur best experts cause no one in my country could help ..... Thanks
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  1. check your processor and the fan..maybe its the processors problem you got there..,maybe its overheating..
    just try it maybe you will see what is the problem..,
    or try to change the memory,,
  2. ^ yep sounds like something is overheating, also is this something thats been happening from when you first had the PC, or has it started happening recently.

    I had a similar problem and my problem was my harddrive, it was bust, however im not sure if that will be the case
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