Motherboard or CPU Problem?

Hello, last night water was spilled on to my computer. Unfortunately, I have a case with a fan on top and water got in to the case.

This morning I disconnected the PS and did the paper clip test, and the PS is working.

When I reconnect the PS to the MB and fans, and turn on the computer, the fan on the CPU & the PS move and instantly shut off. I think this means the MB is not supplying back to the PS and thus I have a MB issue.

Can anyone verify this?
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  1. There could still be water in your system and it's causing a short.

    I would recommend completely dissembling your PC and thoroughly checking all the components for any residue.
  2. As warhead0 said, unplug everything, give it a chance to dry before trying again. You may use something like a ceiling fan to hasten cooling, but don't use anything hot (like a hair dryer!)
  3. Thanks guys. I opened it up last night and let it air cool over night (case allows MB to be exposed on both sides). I don't see any left over water nor do I see any signs of damage.
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