Will ram helps video card to increase the graphic of game?

hey guys maybe you know what my question is,,? but basically i don't know how to make my cod modern warfare2, to get more graphics and cooler game play and runs smoother,,i'm playing with medium settings without lag but you know its kinda boring because of graphics..,when i'm on max settings it makes slower and keeps hanging,..i don't know if the video card wont be enough for the game or the processor is the problem,,
here's my specs.,
1 gb ddr2 memory ram
1 gb ddr3 geforce 210 1000mhz
amd sempron 26000+ 2.75 ghz

well im buying another 2 gb to make it 3 gb.. is that enough for it to make smoother?
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  1. Mobo RAM will assist in gaming to the extent that a game requires intructions to be stored & accessible for a game. If you have less than optimal RAM the game will, of necessity, have to use disk caching to adapt and play. The sweet sopt for gaming RAM is 4-8 GB.

    RAM on a video card is limited by the GPU design. With two GTX 470's in SLI my rig has only access to the 1.25 GB of RAM on the "first" card. If I want more RAM I need to upgrade the GPU card to0 one that has over 1.25 GB.

    The RAM you add may improve gaming depending on the games you play.
  2. uhmm..ok thanks for the info sir..
  3. MIKO30 said:
    uhmm..ok thanks for the info sir..

    I think that the addition of RAM to your system will be beneficial. As RAM is cheap now, I say go for it.
  4. sir i have another problem,,i just installed another 2gb here,,well i have the 1 gb 800 mhz then i put the 2gb 667 mhz but when on my bios detect only the 667 mhz is that normal?instead of adding each other in the bios to make it 1467 mhz??
  5. No, speeds can't be added. You will have to match the 800 MHz RAM or the 667 MHz RAM. All your RAM will have to run at either 667 or 800.
  6. so it is normal sir?? whether 800 or 667 no change to the computers speed?
  7. CPU Ghz Speed: 2.0 up to 2.80 its not that bad for heavy Graphic Games...
    MMC: 1 Gb not good for Gaming you must upgrade to 2Gb
    Graphic Card: I'm having 1Gb inno3D PCIx16 with only 64bit its pretty good but it could be more better if you choose at least 128bit Graphic Card...

    An advice here :

    CPU Speeds : not lower than 3.0Ghz and must be at least dual core.
    MMC : at least not lower than 2Gg when you want it for gaming. Note : A 1Gb MMC Size is only good for offices or basic computer usage.
    Graphic Card : is at least 1Gb 64bit or 128bit much better depending on your mobo...
    Mobo/Motherboard : Heavy User Motherboard is a must!
    Last but not the least : is your cooling system it affects a lot of your speed. The cooler the better performance, poor system unit cooling system will slowly slows-us up depending on how long you use your computer.
    Cold Air Intake: 1-Cooling Fan and exhaust or Outtake: 1-Cooling Fan is enough even without having an airconditioned room an Electric Fan is enough...

    This are the most important part of a computer...
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