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I am interested in building an HTPC when I return home and I have come up with a parts list and things I am recycling from my tower because it will also be upgraded around the same time. The ultimate goal of this machine, aside from being an HTPC, is to also function as a server for my media. Please let me know if there is anything I should be changing or not!

First, recycled parts:

PSU: Seventeam 850W
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 260 Newegg doesn't seem to have the EVGA GTX 260, which is what I actually have.. The linked board is basically the same thing anyways
HSF: Corsair H50 .. I like the one in my tower, and so I will get one for the HTPC.
System Drive: 250GB Western Digital...Only need it for the OS since I don't want to deal with the 2TB+ Bootable drive issue I've heard a little about. Doesn't need to be fast, so not spending the money on an SSD... It'll be on Win-7 64; Unless I should get Media Center or something.

Second, new parts:

Case: Silverstone GD05B Looks good and not too expensive
Mobo: ASRock H55-LE Skt 1156 Seems like a pretty nice Micro-ATX board that fits the bill for what I want it for.
CPU: Intel Core i3-540 3.06GHz
RAM: Corsair XMS3 8GB Kit
Storage: 2x Western Digital 2TB Drives Possible put these into a RAID array for 4TB storage
Media: LG Blu-Ray Drive
Network: TRENDnet Wireless-N PCI ..Wireless would be the way to go in a 2-story house. If there is anything better than this, I'm open to suggestions!

Total cost is just around $770. Within budget!

So there it is....Any suggestions? I'm concerned about the GTX260 fitting into that case, so if I need to buy a different card, that's no problem. Also, do I need a discrete sound card? If not, and if the GPU I'm planning on using isn't a good option, should I go with something like the Palit GTS 250? That one has HDMI-out and can stream audio as well. Would I still need to hook this HTPC up to an A/V receiver still? I have a Yamaha HTR-6030 receiver that supports DTS / 5.1 etc.. It's quite modest and nearly 3 years old now, and unless I truly need to upgrade, it's fine. Anyone who can help with HTPC, please let me know! I believe I have a good list of parts, and it's definitely not the first PC I've built, but it IS a first for HTPC. What other things do I need? Peripherals?

Thanks for the help, guys!
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  1. You don't need 8G of RAM, get 2x2G.

    For the HDD get this (F3):

    The i3 has integrated video, you can use that. Anyway the 260 is overkill for a HTPC, I wonder if it fits in the case.

    Get an air cooler not the corsair, say Scythe Shuriken or something.

    If you want to use a dedicated video card on that mobo and later to add a tuner, you won't be able to get a PCIe x1 tuner, only a PCI one. The mobo doesn't have USB3, might be useful someday.

    The case can only take two HDDs from what it says in there and that's enough for a HTPC.

    AM3 mobo with good onboard video, SATA3 & USB3.0
    AMD Athlon II X3 455
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