I got a gtx570 and i need a bigger tower

So I got a new graphics card and it is a little to big for my mid tower. Any suggestions on what to upgrade too? Thank in advance and have a happy new year!
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  1. This depends on a few factors. Tell me what graphics cards, what price range and how much looks matter and ill present you with a few good options.
  2. I'm not to big on looks, I'm just running the gtx570, price range is 150 and looks don't matter that muuch.
  3. what case do you have now? I plan on getting the same card and I have a mid tower too
  4. I have the antec Nine Hundred Case
  5. Any suggestions?
  6. if you still want a mid tower you could try the Cooler Master 690 II Advanced.
    That's what I have and judging from the specs it'll fit.

    A few of my friends have a Cooler Master Haf 932, that thing is huge 139.98 on newegg
  7. cm 690ii will feel cramped get a haf 922 or 932 or nzxt tempest evo
  8. haf 932 would be the best choice.
  9. I actually think the haf 922 would be the best your not going to go tri SLI so why not save some money :)

    @galta in you sig 500mb seagate?
  10. The Silverstone Raven RV02 is also a good case. The HAF 932 is a good option, along with the Antec 1200 if you want to stay with Antec.
  11. I've heard good things about Antec 1200, and there is a good deal right now on Newegg. I use Cooler Master Haf 942, its pretty big, and is huge. The only thing is that you would have to go out of your price range to get it ($200 right now).

    Best of luck!
  12. why are you guys suggesting huge cases when a haf 922 will meet his needs just fine I have one myself and it's plenty big and keeps everything nice and cool
  13. Because full towers are awesome :)
  14. The HAF 922 is a mid/full tower bigger than a mid not as big as most fulls and will meet all of his requirements without spending unnecessary money.
  15. Go with the 932. Antec hasn't incorporated cable management into many of it's cases, and it really is a great thing to have. It makes the computer look better, easier to remove components (in most cases), and it allows for better airflow (and therefore, cooling). I believe the 932 also comes in blue, if you prefer that color (don't take my word on that).
  16. haf 932 seriously though the haf 922 will meet your needs and will save you serious coin
  17. Darn,the sale is over for the NZXt Phantom so go with the 922.Joel Martinez is right.That is a very nice case with great air flow.
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