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Quad Monitors not working

Hello --

switching my quad monitor setup to a new UPS today, and suddenly #2-4 have power but no display. nVidia software "sees" them, settings look right, but they are blank. Went back to how they were plugged in before it borked and same problem. My computer guy is coming tomorrow, but he sounds stumped too. Any ideas? Will answer questions as needed.

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  1. Duh, too busy freaking out to remember to include basic info.

    2 GeForce 8600 GT dual video cards
    nVidia Control Panel v3.3.532.01

    Also using DisplayFusion Pro v.3.2.0 (multiple taskbars/wallpapers/hotkeys & buttons for managing windows across monitors)
  2. Never mind, problem solved, solution too lame to mention.
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