Getting internet through another computer/

My computer (for some reason) wont allow me to install my Mobile broadband.

So after many attempts to solve this, i gave up and thought of something else.

I want to connnect to my laptop using an ethernet cable and see if i can get a connection there.

But sadly i do not know how to set it up.

any help?

(A little diagram)

My Computer ------->Laptop<--------Internet
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  1. *cought* no help?
  2. Investigate Windows Internet Connection Sharing in Windows Help. It's not very smart but allows you to get internet on a second machine with nothing more than a crossover version of an ethernet cable.
  3. Cross over version>?

    doesnt any ethernet (male male) work?
  4. No it's not the gender it's the wiring.

    Regular/straight through cables are for connecting a computer to a router but computer to computer you need a crossover -- or you do unless at least one the computers has a self-sensing NIC.

    Anyway, cables are cheap. Or you could chop up and existing cable and make a crossover yourself like I did (wiring diagrams are on the internet).
  5. Im not sure if mine is a crossover cable, could you play LAN on a normal one?
  6. If a straight through worked to link the two computers previously, you probably have a self sensing NIC in one of them.

    Otherwise take a spare cable and chop it up, wiring diagrams are available on the net.
  7. ok

    ive pretty much done everything on
    this (down to ICS and VPN connections)

    still doesnt work,

    on the computer (not the host) theres is a connection through the LAN but is a 'x' through the link to the internet ?
  8. Did you turn off the firewall on the two machines ?
  9. yes
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