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First-timer requesting review of a budget gaming pc

Last response: in Systems
December 28, 2010 7:48:36 AM

Hi, I'm new to building computers and after researching a little about parts I came up with a list for a budget gaming PC. I mainly play World of Warcraft and know the graphics card I chose is probably more than enough, but I don't think I will be upgrading it for a long time and I might look into playing games like Crysis.

I don't understand CPU's very well, like how the i5 is 2.66GHz while an i3 one was around 3.2GHz but costs $75 more, but the reviews say it's worth it. Again, I don't plan on upgrading for a while after this build. As for the motherboard, the selection was kind of difficult, trying to buy one for under $100 but have more than 2 slots for RAM.

I already have a blu-ray burner and an hdd so I didn't include those. Well anyways here it is:




Video Card-

CPU Fan-

Power Supply-


Also I read in another post about how the 1156 slot is going out of date or something and that Intel is releasing something new in a few weeks...

Also, I don't have any idea what RAID, crossfire or SLI is, so any clarification would help. I'm not sure if I need it...

Thanks for reviewing my build and I am very interested in building computers in the future.
December 28, 2010 7:57:54 AM

^ For a gaming PC, even AMD's Phenom II X4s would be very good cheaper alternatives,...I doubt you will be able to differentiate in day-to-day tasks,...

Yes, Intel is going to launch their newer Socket, CPUs(LGA 1155) by Jan 5th,...

As for the parts -
RAM - There are cheaper and as good RAM kits,...

PSU - Get a better quality one
10% off w/ promo code DECAN10, ends 1/1/11
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