ASUS AM3+ Support on 890FX could be possible

I noticed this Bios on Asus site when checking for updates to my Asus Crosshairs IV 890fx

Beta Version 3012
Description Crosshair IV Formula 3012 Test BIOS
For testing AM3+ CPU Function only, do not update this BIOS while using AM3 or previous type CPUs!

File Size 1.01 (MBytes) 2011/03/14 update

Download from Global (DLM) Global China

A BETA Driver to test AM3+ CPU compatability......

Kind of lets me think new Bulldozer will be able to go in AM3 boards, What do you all think?
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  1. Things are not going to change - it's like a broken record ....

    AMD: "We will not *support* BD Zambezi on AM3 motherboards ..."
    OEMs: "BD Zambezi will work on certain AM3 motherboards with a BIOS update"
    Public: "Yea!"
    Fanboys: "AMD sucks. Buy Intel or your balls will fall off, and you will grow a vagina."

    AMD: "We do not *support* core-unlocking ... "
    OEMs: "Our motherboards support core-unlocking ... "
    Public: "Yea!"
    Fanboys: "AMD sucks. Buy Intel or your balls will fall off, and you will grow a vagina."

    Over at the XS restaurant they have 57 color-glossy drawings with circles and arrows and pin-outs and sockets and soldering (for your seeing-eye dogs - LOL)
  2. I'll make it simple:

    AM3 CPU = 938 pins
    Socket AM2+ = 940 pins
    Socket AM3 = 941
    Bulldozer CPU = 942 pins

    It simply won't fit into the socket.
  3. i kinda think they should drop this compatibility mode.Yes i know, it pleases AMD customers but it makes AMD spend more money and compatibility from one gen to another isnt an easy feat, even mighty intel changes sockets every year like they change they pants.What about AMD which has less resources than big intel?..Sorry AMD if you want to compete with Intel you have to drop compatibility.
  4. Quote:
    How can this be possible? It’s difficult to say, but it may well be that the additional pin won’t be used, which will allow the insertion of an AM3+ CPU in a socket AM3, which calls into question the initial necessity of AM3+ (perhaps more marketing than technical?).

    Performance more then likely. We'll see soon enough, but I expect a MASSIVE loss in performance with this method...
  5. If I can drop a Bulldozer into my 890FX and drop the Bulldozer into the 890FX replacement in the future and so on and so forth, It will keep me buying AMD for sure!
  6. I want to know what they are doing with that extra pin more then anything else...
  7. gamerk316 said:
    I want to know what they are doing with that extra pin more then anything else...

    that extra pin dammit!
  8. You know, if performance is like 90% below what AM3+ would offer, people are going to feel like idiots for buying these boards. Good tactic by ASUS and Co. to win sales though...

    AMD has said BD is AM3+ only, and considering they designed the CPU in the first place, I'm deferring to them. Especially since it will be a good 3-4 months before we can do a comparision benchmark...
  9. I can't post the pictures here, but I went to Gigbit's website and downloaded the Manual for their AM3+ GA-890GPA-UD3H rev 3.1 board and on page 7 the Zambezi CPU will work on the AM3 ZIF Socket.

    Asus's M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 has the same pin count. And although they state a BIOS update to 3012 will support Zambezi, it currently is a Beta.

    As it stands right now, it appears that Bulldozer is coming in many different Pin configurations, for the Opteron 6xxx Series and Zambezi as well as Bobcat.

    As for as reduced performance, the AMD 890GX and 890FX North and South Bridge solutions, would be more then capable of supporting the Zambezi Bulldozer.

    Links to CPU Pin info
  10. I dont recall where I read it but supposedly BD does not increase the pincount on the processor, only the socket has the increased pin count. Just like the AM3 socket has 941 pin holes but the processor only has 938 pins.
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