Computer Does Not Start (Sometimes)

I have an older machine that I've been using for some time now. This problem only began recently, after I moved the unit from one room into another. I have tried using different power sockets and have determined it is not the problem.

P4 3.0 Ghz
450w PSU
Radeon HD3850 AGP

When the video card's power is connected, sometimes the computer will not start up. The fans begin to move for half a second, then nothing. When the video card is disconnected, the computer starts up every time.

Sometimes, I can get the computer to start and leave it running. Then, sometimes when I shut it down and walk away from it for a few hours and come back to turn it on, it will not start up again until I literally unplug everything and then start plugging things back in. I always wind up with everything the way it was before. This seriously makes no sense at all.

I have not added any components to the computer, nor does plugging in only the video card and removing all other components help. The computer's ability to start up when the video card is powered seems to be at absolute random.

Please help, before I throw this thing off my balcony.
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  1. What PSU?
  2. Cooler Master, I think. Though I think I might have figured out the problem, and if I'm right, it was that the connectors were just getting loose after having swapped them in and out again over the course of five years. I tightened them up and no longer seem to be having the problem. I guess being just a bit loose something was shorting out the whole system.
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