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Hello, my number pad won't work. Whenever I press a number it acts as if I am right clicking on desktop icons. Whenever I use my enter button it opens my windows media center. Help?
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  1. Is this on a laptop? Check to see if you have it set to a function mode, each button on the number pad usually has a secondary function, but if you have numlock on it will normally treat them as numbers.
  2. Yes, it's a laptop. How do I check that?
  3. Generally just above the 7 on the number pad is a button labeled numlock, hit that and see if your number pad behaves normally again. Whats the model of the laptop?
  4. I tried that and it didn't work. It's a Pavilion dv7. The numlock does however affect my number pad on the right, but not the one that spans the width of the keyboard.
  5. Oh, so you are having issues with the numbers that are immediately above the letters on the keyboard. Do the number keys have little pictures on them beside the numbers that arent the standard symbols that go with them?

    Near your ctrl and alt keys on one side you should see a button labeled FN, its your function key, try hitting that a few times to make sure its not stuck, then see if your numbers work again, if they dont, try holding it and hitting a number and see if it behaves right.
  6. They have normal symbols like @ and ! which do work.
    Enter only behaves when I also use the shift key with it.
    The FN key did nothing.
  7. Control Panel/Accessibiity Options/Mouse tab/Untick "Use MouseKeys".
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