i have a dell 4100 .I put in another drive tso i could put windows xo on that drive.WELL here's the problem. i can't get my puter to boot up.i have 5 places that you can start a system from and all it saYS I need a boot disc for my floppy
i have set my bios to the cd as my first drive..
i don't have a floppy boot disc because i can't get in to make one . lol
i have the new drive on a ribbonas slave and the older one as master
no joy
i can get disc called power pint for 3995 that will bot any computer and a lot of other things it wll you for me
i think immay have to go that route
anybody got that disc and does it work?????????????? thank you inadvance
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  1. You have a Floppy drive? Is there a disk in it?
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