6870 running a bit hot?

i just went from a 5770 to a 6870 and it was a decent amount faster. then i got the hot fix for it and wow did it make a difference. i doubled my fps.. i am very happy with this card.. i have it over clocked a bit.. 980 core clock.. the card seems to run hot unless i run a fixed fan speed. if i let the fan speed goes how it wants to it seems to get hot.. 80c + so i fixed the fan speed at 80% and wow is it loud. it hovers around 60c now.. but the card seems to even idle hot.. around 60c.. i have 7 case fans as well to.. does this seem wierd?

what kind of heat can these cards see.. 80c seems really hot to me considering the 5770 wouldnt go over 55c..
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  1. I just got my 6870 on wednesday and can provide you with what I have experienced. I have played L4D2, BC2, and fallout: new vegas with this new card. All games I have upped to highest settings with 1080p resolution. Unfortunately, I do not capture my FPS, but they are all running very smooth for me thus far.

    I run two monitors, but only game on the main display. I had CCC opened on my second montior on the first day and I never noticed temperatures climb above 60c (57-59 mostly). I just let the card set its own fan speed and I have not heard it once while my headphones are on.

    I am not 100% sure how accurate this is because I have had troubles upgrading my CCC to latest version since like 10.3 or so. I always get an error on Win7 x64 telling me, "this program did not install correctly." I usually spend 5 minutes or so looking for an answer before giving up and simply installing video drivers only.

    edit: forgot to add that I am running w/o overclock yet!
  2. You are overclocking the card to it's extreme limit, so the extra heat and noise are to be expected. That 980mhz overclock you got is higher than I have seen the card taken in reviews without applying extra voltage.

    Hardwarecanuks.com did a great article on it:
    "We’ll start with the obvious: overclocking increases heat output and overclocking with higher than reference voltage impacts thermals even more. Unfortunately, without a custom cooler the HD 6870 gains heat at an almost alarming pace and believe it or not, the vapour chamber-totting XFX HD 6850 isn’t that far behind. If you are thinking of going for high clock frequencies with a HD 6800 series product, we highly recommend you look into upgrading the heatsink or at least buying a product with a higher end thermal solution."
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