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Hey everyone,
Im semi new to the forums but have browsed around from time to time. About to build a pc for the first time in about 7 years so I could use some feedback on my build, and help choosing a case

Mobo - Asus M4A79XTD evo
CPU - AMD Phenom II X4 955
Ram - 4GB(2x2) kingston hyper x ddr3 1600
Video - Sapphire Radeon hd5770 vapor-x
PSU - Cooler Master silent pro M600
HD - Western Digital Caviar black 640gb 32mb cache
DVD Burner

already purchased so hope it's not too bad.

Now I need help deciding on a case. I really like the antec 900 and the antec 902 v3. slightly expensive, but is it worth it? of course the look of the 902 v3 is very appealing(at least to me).

My #1 concern is i have read that antec 900 cases have faulty front panel wiring and could possibly short my mobo. obviously I don't want to worry about that so I was wondering how common of an issue this is, and if it was fixed with the 902 v3. Any suggestions on a better case would be appreciated. the 902 v3 is pushing it as price and i wouldn't be able to go any higher than that(140 after tax and shipping).

Thanks in advance for your time and any advice you can offer


Edit: I was also looking at antec 300 due to the good reviews and price 69.99 on newegg with the extra fans. part of me wants to save the money and part of me wants to get the better looking case as long as performance is the same / better.
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  1. I bought the 900 for my new build. I haven't had any case related issues. I particularly like the bottom mounted PSU.
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    I have the original 902 and have never encountered any issues with the FP or anything else.
    It's cooling is awesome on low and quiet for a case with 4 fans.
    Mine has 8 fans spinning every component included and it's quieter then my CM690II with 5 fans altogether.
    When i bought my case a 1 and a half years ago it costs $150.
    The new version is a bargoon!
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