My rig: woo's and woes!

Yo wassup. If you glanced at my thread in the New Build forum then cool. Just telling you how it went.

Firstly this is my finished build:

Corsair TX 650
ASUS p7p55d-e LX
Hyper 212 plus
G.skill Ripjaws 4GB (2x2) 1600c7
1x 500GB barracuda .12
1x 1TB barracuda .12
crappy HD5450 (getting replaced very soon, maziar o/)

Unfortunately I had annoyances with the way memory fits into the dimms. You have to give an extra firm push on the edge with no catch once the top catch is secured down. I had been taking memory out and seating it not fully in so many times, consequently completely removing a pin from slot A1 rendering it f*cked, and taking half the matching gold contact from one of my Dimms with it (stick still works, just hope there isn't something malfunctioning that I havent noticed. So I'm currently using 4GB in single channel, shucks. If I sent the mobo to a local computer repair guy for a pin to be added, would this void warranty at all?

Anyway after installing 64bit windows 7 and all essentials I gotta say how freaky it is to have task appear and perform almost instantly and without processing. Powerful thing this i5 is! I managed an overclock of around 3.8ghz, any higher and either bios or would freeze or windows would function but the 3rd core in the processor would not work. Voltage bumping scares me. I only understand the main voltage (stock 1.24), the other options honestly scare me out of going for 4ghz. Some help here would be gladly appreciated! As for memory and timings, bah! It's sort of annoying as the memory is the most bitchy component when it comes to modifying. I've learned how to achieve close and comfortable settings of 1480mhz, 7-7-7-21-2N @ the advertised 1.60v.

What do you guys think ey? I'm sure there was much more stuff I wanted to post and discuss but I've forgotten already from trying to focus wording this and another post. Anybody here still play classic doom (/online)?
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  1. Nice rig and 3.8 is fine. Dual channel is no big deal.
  2. Damn, some games (max payne etc) don't run on this OS, gonna get win2000 and have a dual boot going on.

    Thoughts on w2k? It's the only non-server Windows version that I've never used before! I've only read good things about it too.
  3. Sound is fine (at least in intro). I think this might be an issue with the new ati drivers, no longer supporting dx9... But I can run most of my old games with dx9 and below. yikes!
  4. Balls... I managed to convert the secondary HDD to dynamic disk without checking if i could easily convert back to Basic. Any way to convert back without having to wipe the drive?
  5. Ordered more stuff.. I can't help myself.

    Decided to try out the Samsung F3, 1TB. It seems to be the sane enthusiasts choice after the SSD. Can't wait to perfect partitions and include win2k to the setup! Such a nerd, I know, but I need another OS to run certain stubborn old games!

    Oh, and I got the Palit sonic platinum GTX 460 (1GB)! o/

    Ps. Anybody got RMA experiences to share? I have to find out the protocol for sending my motherboard back to Asus as it's missing a pin from the first DIMM slot. sux.
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