High CPU temp (107)... What to do???

Hi all, I have a stock Studio 540, full spec is:
Q8200 @ 2.33GHz, 6GB RAM, ATI Radeon 3450
I have had this computer for a while and had the problem of intermittent loud fan noise, but never checked on it until now. I ran a couple of CPU temp programs and came up with the following:
Core's hover around 60 to 69 degrees celsius
At load:
With 1 CNN video running in window temps jump to 77 to 83 degrees celsius
1 Full screen video jumps temps to 88 to 97
and with a few things going on max temps hit 97 to 107.
Should I be concerned about these figures? Can anybody clarify the potential risks of running my computer at these temperatures? And is there a way to address this?
All advice and info welcome, many thanks in advance.
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  1. Those temps would worry me! Is it clean on the inside, heatsinks and fans?
  2. Yes, I have removed the case and used an air can throughout both with the computer running and off. By the way, the computer is located in a wide open space in an office...
  3. Maybe the Heatsink needs reseating on the CPU with new thermal paste (other option is aftermarket cooler) but if still under warranty a Dell issue!
  4. Is is hard to replace the paste? Is that something that Best Buy carries?
  5. I think BB would. It is not difficult but you will have to be careful removing the heatsink and clean both it and CPU (rubbing alcohol works) well before applying the new TIM. There are plenty of guides how to do it on the net.
  6. Did your run SpeedFan to check your temps?

    Does the fan on the CPU cooler speed up significantly as the temperature of the CPU rises?

    Sorry, gotta ask, are you sure that's 107C and not F ? (reason I ask is because Intel CPUs will shut down at 100C....)

    Another thing to ask, since every Dell I've come across over the years had NO temperature sensors. So, you could not read the temp of CPU or motherboard component thru software. Have you touched the CPU heat sink, it should be very hot to the touch if it's really 100C (don't worry, it won't hurt that much... ) If it's not really hot, programs aren't reading correctly OR you have a real issue with the thermal paste (but its unlikely to be so bad the heat sink would be cool to the touch.)
  7. I have run 3 different programs: RealTemp 3.6, Speedfan 4.3 and HWMonitorPro (trial).

    The fan does speed up considerably when loaded

    No offense taken, but it is C not F!

    NOW, this interesting, I just checked the heat sink while loaded and the heat sink does NOT seem to be hot to the touch!!! Does this mean that the programs are not getting accurate info?

    Even if the CPU is not really getting hot, I still have the problem of the fans (both) kicking way up when computer is loaded. It is really loud (hard to hear the videos) The fan speeds go from 1700 & 1400 rpms to 4600 & 3800 rpms.

    Any ideas for a fix?
  8. Well if the TIM is not properly conducting the heat to the heat sink then it would not get hot since it has a high speed fan cooling it! Do you have a PC health tab in BIOS/Setup?
  9. No, There is nothing related to the fan in Bios, and I updated to the latest version
  10. Reseat or buy aftermarket heatsink + paste.
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    Ok several programs agree on temps. Fans spin up indicating the system "thinks" its really hot....

    But, cool heat sink...
    - you'll need to remove that heat sink, clean CPU, and the heat sink
    - add a pea sized drop of thermal paste
    - reinstall the heat sink

    Be sure to Google for detailed steps & videos how to remove & re-install

    Any old paste will do. Even the tiniest size tube will be plenty...

    NOTE: it Could still be a faulty sensor (really can't fix the sensor) So My fix/workaround for that, we can replace the stock cooler with something we know will keep the CPU cool under ALL conditions. Then we'll just run it a a Fixed RPM that will solve your noise problem. But, try the fix above 1st...
  12. Problem Solved!

    Well, when I went to remove the heat sink/fan, only 2 of the 4 legs were attached to the board and the heat sink wasn't actually touching the processor! In fact 2 of the plastic legs that the screws go through had broken off. I believe that this was an installation problem at the factory (Dell) because the dried paste looked like it was pulled apart before it originally dried.

    I installed a new heat sink/fan/paste and my temps are now about 46 @ idle and 49-56 loaded with 3 videos going. Before that would have sent it to 107!

    Since I have been using this computer daily for a year and a half, I guess I am lucky that it didn't fry. I feel kinda dumb for not checking why the fan was so loud earlier!

    Thanks for all the help,

  13. Great! That certainly explained your problem.
  14. Cool (ah, no pun intended) glad to hear you up and running and quiet too!!

    Be sure to pick a best answer so we can close out the thread....
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