Need feedback for my budgeted gaming rig under $750

Hello everyone!

I've made this build with some help from another site but I just want to get more info about it. Please give some details about the parts and if this build is good enough, have written some but I don't know if it's accurate.

I plan to play games like COD: Black Ops, SC2, MMORPG's and such. Watch a bit of movies online and do some photoshop from time to time.

*We're from SEA, these are the parts most people buy here.
*Prices are converted.

MOB: Asus M4A87TD/USB3 $82.05
-Same as the Asus M4A88T-M but without the IGP.

CPU: AMD Athlon II X3 440 (3.0 GHz) $75.90
-Even this site said this CPU is enough for gaming.

GPU: Inno3d GTX 460 768MB/192bit DDR5 $139.94
-Enough for the build and budget.

PSU: OCZ Stealth X Stream II 600watts, Non-Modular $71.34
-Everyone gets this as what they say here, this is the bang for buck PSU.

-Cheap, good layout for cable management & I like the look of it.

MON: AOC 21.5" E2236VW LED $163.87
-One of the cheapest 21.5" monitor, Full HD.

RAM: 4gb (dual) ddr3-1600 G.Skill RipJaws CL9 (9-9-24) $63.82
-One of the cheapest gaming RAM that I can get here.

HDD: WDC Caviar Blue 500gb/16mb (WD5000AAKX) sata3 $42.16
-No idea as well. All HDD are pretty much the same, right?

ODD: Asus 24B1ST 24x Sata $22.79

Total: $718.85
Will buy them within this week so I'd like to get as much info as I can before I buy them. If there is a need for change, please suggest. Thanks! :)
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  1. Fork out the extra $20-$30 for the 1 GB version of a GTX460, it is worth it....
  2. Can the build handle a gtx 460 1gb? Any thing else to change?
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