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I have 12gb of ram and only 8 are showing PLEASE HELP

Hi, i just built my new pc, and i have 12gb of ram in it but only 8 are showing , i have a asus rampage 3 motherboard and the 12 gbs of ram are dd3 3 sticks corsair dominator-gt 2000 ram. please help me asap thank you .
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  1. Do the sticks show as avaliable ram in your BIOS, it will be under system information.

    you should see each set in the advanced menus also.
  2. have you tried pressing the memOK! button on the motherboard after sticking the new ram in? - what is the model number of your ram sticks? -- have you tried re-arranging the ram sticks order? (take one out of slot 1, and slot 3, put slot 3's in slot 1's) see if it makes a difference? Does your ram show up on the Rampage 3's memory QVL list? (rampage 3?? formula? gene? rampage??) We need a little more information
  3. What cpu socket is the Rampage board. Where are you seeing the ram , in Windows or in the boot screen.
  4. ummm i dont see anything related to ram in the bios like i said this is new to me i had a diff setup pc and the ram was on the first screen i went in almost everything in the bios and cant find it.

    i didnt press the memok! at all the model number is cmt12gx3m3a2000c9.

    ramapge board is x58 in windows im seeing it.

    im running windows 7 ultimate 64bit on the rampage 3 motherboard with a 980x i7 proccessor and a 5970 sapphire radeon video card and i have 3 4gb ram sticks in slots a1 b1 c1 on the mother board
  5. i read something about updating the bios im having trouble doing that not sure really how to i have the asusupdate program but it never downloads anything once i run it, and my bios is on 0704 chipset tylersburg bios type ami size 2048 k if anyt of thats needed. thanks
  6. we dont know your exact motherboard though, there are several rampage 3 motherboards "formula, gene, black edition" make sure you get the right bios for the right motherboard -- in order to update it, you need to put it on something like a USB thumb drive, format the usb drive to FAT, and stick the bios file (not the zip, the .bin file) on the usb thumb drive, then reboot, and go into the bios, select the bios update program from within the bios -- actually a simpler way to do this would be to consult the motherboard manual -- but i dont know which board you have exactly so here is one for the formula:
  7. oh ok how do i fig out what mother board i have?
  8. look at the board itself and see if its a formula, gene, or black edition - look at this picture here, i circled the area in green where youll find your exact motherboard model

  9. I want to give you a warning, if the bios flash fails for some reason "corrupted data, bad flash, wrong bios, power failure during flash" your motherboard will cease to function.. But your asus board has a feature on it that is kind of like a fail-safe.. its called crash free bios. So if you flash your bios with a new ROM, and lets say the power suddenly fails in the middle of it, you turn your computer on and see nothing but a blank screen. That would be a bios failure.

    So what you would do, is disconnect all USB devices accept for your USB Thumb drive with your bios file on it, then turn the computer on and wait. It will recover itself automatically by reading the file on the usb thumb drive and re-flashing the bios. I wanted to make you aware of the fact that flashing the bios can be risky and some times the procedure fails, perhaps there was packet loss in the download of the ROM file you tried to flash.

    If you still have your motherboard box, it should have a CD with it, that also contains a bios file for your motherboard, albeit older it would restore the motherboard to working order.
  10. first post ya i dont see any markings on the mother board that saying anything like that or diff, 2nd post ya this is a brand new mother fresh out the box so i still have everything from it.
  11. ok i got th ram showing 12gbs now, i switched the first and last one and now theres 12gb showing, but i still want to update the bios kdofrg is there any other way to find out what mother board i have i just checked on the mother board and theres nothing like the pic you posted on mine it just says asus rampage 3
  12. ah, well not sure what to tell ya - i dont even see a rampage III extreme on the asus website hmm, maybe you could show us a picture of your motherboard box, maybe find it on the internet or on newegg and post a link to it?
  13. OH the rams working now! awesome! yeah i had to swap my modules around as well for some reason to get them to work.. real picky it seems
  14. rog rampage 3 extreme part no 90-mibc10-g0aay00z
    serial no a7m0ac003322
  15. ah okay, so there is an extreme, i wonder why it didnt show up when i was looking for it under motherboards - 1366 - x58 .. ah well

    just go to that url u posted, go to download, select windows 7 64 bit, go to bios, download the latest one, unzip it to a USB drive that has been formatted for FAT. Reboot computer, enter bios, go to Tools, and start the EZ Flash utility, navigate the panels to your usb drive, select the ROM file and then manuver over to the start button or what ever it is, and the upgrade should begin. After it is done, your computer will probably power off or cycle, then when it posts again, go into the bios, and select "load optimal defaults" i think its in the tools menu, not 100%, or in the last menu all the way to the right, save and exit, your computer will cycle again - re enter bios and set it up again the way you like it, save and exit, should be all done then
  16. or if you want, you can download the bios utility & the bios itself, and use the bios windows program to flash it from within windows. I dont prefer this step myself as it has a greater risk of failure but what ever you want to do.
  17. oh ok thanks for the help, i am lost right now though lol, i never flashed or updated a bios before, ok i guessing it would be this update? Rampage III Extreme 1502 BIOS
    Supports over 2.2TB huge HDDs and RAID.
    *Please install IRST when using this Bios version
    if you can confirm that would be a start me on the right path, if that is the right one what is this about (*Please install IRST when using this Bios version)
  18. Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology Driver Software V10.5.0.1026 for Windows XP 32bit & 64bit.

    its under the utilities, i guess they dont have a windows utility, i thought they did but i guess its dos based.. better off just flashing it in the bios

    yes, 1502 bios is the right one
  19. oh ok im using windows 7 ultimate so do i still have to install that irst driver?
  20. yeah, i dont know why it lists that windows xp stuff, you already selected you had a windows 7 64bit os when you entered the downloads area.. im currently running the IRST myself on windows 7 64bit
  21. oh ok , cool. alright now on the bios updating it whats the best and easiest way for me to do said i need a usb drive formated to fat and how else do i set that up. or i can do it right in windows you said, how does that work. thanks a million for all your help by the way!!!
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    yeah you cant do it in windows i guess, sorry i was wrong about that, on some motherboards you can do that though but not with yours.

    you could use a thumb drive, flash card, like the kind in a camera, if yo ucan put it in your computer that is, like using a flash card to usb adapter for instance.

    Stick a thumb drive into a usb port, itll show up or pop up in your My Computer area

    Select it or highlight that thumb drive, then right mouse click on it to pull up a menu, select "Format" -- a new window pops up, leave every thing alone accept for file system area, change it to FAT if it isnt on FAT already, select "quick format" this will wipe the thumb drive clean and give it a proper file system your bios flash utility can read, and press the OK/Start button.

    Then you put your bios rom file using a drag n drop or copy/paste onto the thumb drive.

    Reboot, enter your bios (leave the thumb drive plugged in)

    Scroll to the Tools menu, select the EZ Flash utility and press enter

    the utility will launch, navigate to the thumb drive in the new window using the keyboards arrow keys (or mouse if it lets you) now select the 1502 rom file, navigate to the "flash bios" button or similar, not sure i remember what it says, and initiate the flash, it will take maybe 30 or so seconds to flash the bios but it should provide a indicator bar of its progress.

    After that i'd say your done, it will power cycle "shut off, turn itself back on"

    at this point remove the thumb drive.

    go into your bios and you may have to setup things again such as an overclock setting, or other settings you may want again, hard drive boot order..etc..

    then save & exit and your all done


    if it fails: your computer will power cycle, shut off, turn on and show nothing, no post, no video.. now you know there is a problem and you will have to use the crash free bios technology.. im not saying this is going to happen, but this is a just-in-case scenario so you know what to expect ahead of time and how to deal with it.
  23. Oh ok cool thank you i have 2 more questions for ya , were do i get this at cant find it under utilities for some reason . Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology Driver Software V10.5.0.1026 for Windows XP 32bit & 64bit
    and when do i install that first or after. thanks alot
  24. do it after, but it probably wont make a difference if you install it or not

    if its not under utilities i wouldnt worry about it only reason im using it is because im using a raid, u could always just google for irst ver number
  25. thanks , ima try it now
  26. well how did the upgrade go?
  27. it worked thank you very much
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