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Upgrade Q - 5770, 6870 or 5870

Hi all,

I built my first PC in August the specs are as follows.

Amd Phenom II 955BE
Asrock 870 extreme3
Sapphire HD5770 1GB
4GB ram @ 1333Mhz
24" Benq 1920x1080

Well my first upgrade is going to be a better PSU-I made a mistake there.

Coming around to my question, now that the 6870 is out, I am considering upgrading in Dec/Jan as the prices of the 58xx series and 5770's have started to drop.

Would it be better to get myself another cheap 5770 to crossfire (second hand or new) OR a second hand or possibly first hand 5870 OR a new 6870. I am in the Netherlands and I use this site to check prices and

Looking to spend around 150Euros.
And I play a bit older games, like gta4, warhead, far cry2 etc. but which in your opinion would be the best option to stay Gfx upgrade free for at least a year and be able to play these games at 1080p in full details (maybe not warhead) ?

Do let me know.
Thank you.
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  1. a second 5770 should allow you to play anything on maximum settings for a good while @ 1080 and should out perform a single 5870 or 6870.
  2. I have been checking out reviews and forums on the 5770Cf option. Overall the message seems to be thatthe min FPs will not be very good/playable with the 5770 option. And to ensure min frame rates its better to get a more powerful card.

    Does that have an impact on your recommendation ?

    P.s : i also ruled out 5850, i guess thats correct.
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    right here on toms check out the comparison in benchmarks. as you can see the 5770 CF setup is a bit more powerful than a single 5870.

    im actually in the same position as you are now, and iv decided to go for the 5770 CF. with the kind of overclock you can get out of a 5770 and then multiply that x2 it seems pretty clear to me.
  4. 6870 gets my vote, a very good card for its price.
  5. You can run a hybrid crossfire with the ati cards so I would definatly go with a 5870 and if the game you are playing performs better in cf configuration use your 5770 for a little backup muscle. Setup your 5870 as primary and the 5770 for xfire, this way you would get the better performance in games that don't work well with xfire, and great performance in games that do. The best of both worlds!
  6. @dalethepcman - i thought the hybrid CF was only with an inbuilt gfx card ..... but if this is an option i am all ears, cos otherwise i need to figure out how to sell my hd5770 ..
  7. Ahh your correct.. the 5770 cannot roll with any of its bigger brothers, I had forgoten this. In that case I change my previous statement to purchase an additional 5770 for $130, or wait for the 69x0.
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