Wireless unable to function correctly

Hello everyone, I have a major wireless networking issue on my pc. I'll give you some background info first of all...

OS: Vista Home Premium
RAM: 4gb
CPU: INtel Core 2 Quad q8200 @2.33Ghz

Basically, Ive set up the wireless network and had it set so that it would work through the use of static IP addresses on all devices connecting to it such as my PS3, Wii, Psp, laptops and other computers in the house. Everything was fine and working perfectly.

Untill me and my dad had to decrease the wifi security from WPA2 to WPA to allow our wireless IP cameras to function properly. Thats when my PC went dead to the network and refuses to work properly. I have checked and rechecked the encryption types and passphrases, but my PC is still not connecting.

I have been forced to use different dongles around the house and everything but it still doesnt work. Vista gives me messages saying there was an unknown error trying to connect, or "you can connect again".

Currently I am connected to the internet through my PC which is having the problem by fluke and I dont know how, the settings are the same as they were when it was set up and it randomly decides to connect by itself.

I have tried to word the above my best to do with this problem, I have been at this for days...
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  1. might happen when you change the security system and key but leave the same network name vista will try to connect to the previously saved network credential and spill error...suggest u 2 clear the preferred networks list from vista from control panel network and internet and try reconnecting with the credentials again and give it a shot...
  2. No luck, I get the same error. Any other ideas?
  3. I thought I would mention, one of the wireless dongles connects, but the other does not. The one that is unable to connect is the main dongle and I have reinstalled it via CD and used another dongle of the same make and model but still no luck.

    This problem is very persistant as my PC has been unable to connect by wireless whatsoever over the past few days.
  4. rather than CD download the latest version of adapter driver available for the product and if you are using static ip cross check that the ip set is in the same range as the network's..
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