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I have an HP p6130f Pc with an integrated Nvidia 9100 graphics card. It heats up just doing normal things like watching a movie. The picture slows down. What is the best couse of action? I have the case open and have added a cyclone blower fan.
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  1. Since you have an integrated card then you can't do anything about that, maybe the chip is "dying" or something...
    You can buy a cheap dedicated card (HTPC card) for just browsing or watching movies...
  2. +1 HTPC card-
  3. Thanks, it didn't help, but some coworkers say I can buy a new graphic card and bypass the integrated card. What can I get that runs relatively cool?
  4. well, if you don't want to buy a new dedicated card then you can open the side case of your desktop to make your chip more cooler than before or blowing room fan directly to it...
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