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Hello, I want to build a PC similar to this one,2811.html
I wanted to get more ram more like 8 gb. What would you suggest? Also the Cpu cooler listed above is not available. The Case has now increased in cost so maybe something better? Is there a better video card for the same cost now? Thanks guys!
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  1. The link is broken.
    Also, why would you need 8gb of ram?
    A good cooler is
  2. Sorry about that. I fixed the link. So you don't think 8gb of ram is necessary? I just figured more the better. The cooler that you linked looks like a good option. Also in the above article he talks about unlocking an extra core and says it the "luck of the draw" in terms of it working. What kind of odds am I looking at? As you can tell I'm a pretty big noob.
  3. 75% the first core, 25% the second. 8gb will be fine. It's so cheap nowadays, the price will never drop much lower than it is now. Might as well.
    Buy a case that looks good to you, is made of steel, and has a 'smart' looking layout. Coolers with direct touch pipes usually work the best, coupled with a 120mm fan. The bigger the heatsink, the better.
  4. ok.

    you can double up the same RAM (now $41.99) if you want.

    the CPU cooler I'd suggest is the Coolermaster hyper 212+ at about $25.

    you can get a 768 MB model of the GTX 460 for as low as $160 (less with rebates), or the 460SE (a step down from the 768 model at resolutions less than 1920x1080, but faster at that rez) or you can get a HD 6850 or 1GB GTX 460 for $180

    I'd suggest the Rosewill Destroyer case at $49.99
  5. Thanks for the response. Do you think this would be a good alternative for the video card ? What kind of power supply wattage should I be looking at? Can you link me a good one? Thanks again.
  6. for $5 more, this has a much better warranty:

    for a single GPU build, 400-550W is ok. If you plan to add a second GPU later, 600-650W
  7. the case is probably ok, but outside the Rosewill Green supplies, I don't trust any of their PSUs

    ere's one that would be fantastic, bt it's expensive at $89.99 (though $69.99 after rebate). the Antec 380D 80+ Bronze PSU can handle any single GPU up to a GTX 460 or HD 6850

    alternately, this Coolermaster Elite 310 model comes with al older, but reliable 450W PSU for $69.99

    as a third option, this Thermaltake kit would also work for $69.99
  8. it all looks compatable. A few minor changes:

    I'd get this hard drive

    its 500 GB instead of 320. After shipping, its actually *cheaper* right now

    If you can swing the extra $5, get the XFX version of the HD6850. Nothing wrong with Sapphire, but XFX has the best warranty in the graphics world.

    an optional different motherboard, from the same company: the 880G is a newer chipset than the 770, and its the same price. Both are good boards, so either will do.
  9. Thanks man I'm going to take all three of your suggestions. My brother convinced me to get instead. Worth it? You've been a huge help.
  10. That chip is great. You can easily up its multiplier a couple notches for a minor overclock to match the 965 or 970 cards. It's one of the best values out there.
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