PSU requirement in crossfire for 5670 & 5770


I want to know the PSU requirement for the 2 cards below

HD 5670 1 GB Xfired

HD 5770 1 GB Xfired

the motherboard which is to be used is asus p7p55-Lx with intel i3 3.0 ghz

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  1. are those cards able to CF? :o in that case i learned something new hehe :)
  2. Yes, but they'll run as a pair of HD 5670s. Two ATi (same family) unmatched cards will crossfire at the lesser card's settings.
  3. Hmmmm, he said
    farr said:

    I want to know the PSU requirement for the 2 cards below

    HD 5670 1 GB Xfired

    HD 5770 1 GB Xfired

    So, it sounds like he has two cards, 1 5670 and 1 5770. And he wants to run them in crossfire. He will need a 600W-650W PSU. The crossfired cards will run, and it will run as if he has 2 5670s in crossfire. Crossfire should give him better frame rates than 1 5770.
  4. Is it possible? HD5670 is redwood core the HD5770 is juniper core! HD5670 does not need a crossfire connector (the ones I have seen don't have one), HD5770 needs crossfire connector.
  5. treefrog07 said:
    Hmmmm, he said
    He will need a 600W-650W PSU. .

    only if its a peace of crap PSU in which case you should not be recommending it. a solid 500w with 34a+ on the 12v is more then enough for the ATI 5770 in CF

    stressed test this system won't even break 400w

    Test System Specs
    - Intel Core i7 920 (Overclocked @ 3.70GHz)
    - x3 2GB G.Skill DDR3 PC3-12800 (CAS 9-9-9-24)
    - Asus P6T Deluxe (Intel X58)
  6. thanks for your inputs but i meant to ask the psu requirements for 2 different possibilities.

    1 set of 2x HD 5670 1 GB (their psu req.)
    1 set of 2x HD 5770 1 GB (their psu req.)

    apologies if i wasn't clear enough in the initial question.

    @rolli59 : i think there is a crossfire connector on HD5670 1 GB version (maybe not on 512MB version i think they are internally cross fired via motherboard)
  7. A 400W powersupply is enough but you should look at 450W - 500W for extra headroom since PSUs run most efficient between 20% - 80% load.

    That chart above is very good since it is consistent with my power meter with my system.
  8. This is a Thermaltake 650 PSU:

    As you can see here it gives you 4 parallel PCI-E, this means if you get it you can crossfire any hi-end Graphic card couse most of them they use two pci-e connectors. Else you gonna run and find 2 molex to pci-e for every extra card you add screwing the cable managment, blocking the airflow and some small power loss for every extra connection you do.

    After Testing HD5770 in 950Mhz 1350Mhz it runs fine with 81 Watts and gives 75 FPS and 90 FPS needed in the most games so you don't really need the CrossFire, it gave 59 C in the games and Furmark 1.8 extrem test 1 hour raised the watts to 87 and the temprature to 69 C (+-1 day ,-2 night) with the fan in 100%, very hight noise level. The 80 C and above you will get in HD5770 CF is a reall problem Furmark 1.8 will burn you out and i suggest we wait for the 32nm GPUs, DDR with lower operating volts.

    Full view 1280x 1024 in

    Ati and Gigabyte they did a nice job is an exellent choise so mutch million furr hairs can't be rong.
  9. Lets settle down a lil guys
    If someones posts arent either fully understood, by either party, lets take some time to correct it, not by bad mouthing
    We all learn from this approach
  10. This one had 580 watts PSU and having huge problem working one HD5770! Noone bug us or trying to play smart. I moved step by step and i solve the issue.

    I felt sorry for the kid, offered him to send his my 2 molex to pci-e connector! Finaly fixed it alone! I imagine him cutting wires and try to mix them, tape, etc. I simply suggest a PSU and if he take it he wont find him self in this possision. The 650 Watts Thermaltake can support up to 6 Satta ii in raid 0 without a problem, good tolerance in power loss in big tempratures for more info read the link i gave.

    The OP in here spoke about Crossfire and i gave him a full analisys of the chip, and the best sollution for this 'opperation'.
  11. hey big head my PSU did not cost $15 it was actually $75 and if you can show me a link to the $15 PSU i would be very surprised, also this is a reasonable quality PSU which does the job and looks nice fool! :kaola:
  12. you said the XPower 580W cost $15 and is crap which is not true and that had nothing to do with this thread! also your feeble argueing with Giaktris is just sad
  13. FYI, your xpower has 30a on its 12v rail. for a 450w unit that is solid. for a 580w, that is crap. the 520w seasonic above as 120w more power on its 12v rail. My corsair has 216w more on its 12v rail and its only rated 20w more then your 580w.
  14. ok thanks, :) ill target towards getting a 520watt power supply as i am still in doubt about which card to get as 5770 HD exceeds my budget. but if i somehow get the money for 5770 then according to what i understand, 520 watt supply will work with a CF setup of 2x5770 in future.
  15. ct1615 said:
    thanks for your opinion, ill be sure it put it where it belongs

    Sorry.. ha ha ha..

    farr the 5770 helps you at more demanding games. I play most of my games maxed usually at 1080p. Even mass effect 2 get's really high fps. Well not all games but most.
    With 2 5770 you should be able to get really great performance in games at high resolutions.
  16. I have the 650 Thermaltake PSU so i speack with personal experience the 140x140 fan in the PSU is need it in high tempratures belive me. The kid that did what i toled him to do didn't went his motherboard to be looked out at list. I repost the link and focus on Temprature tolerance power lost (solid capasitor tested in 105 C fully operational) becouse you speack about CF an HD5770 by not focusing on 80 and above C you will take is a huge mistake.

    Someone that did fix a 2 molex to pci-e all by himself deserves at list some respeact.

    This a Prime Torture 2.6 Gbytes memory test and furmark 1.8 15 minitues stability test.

    full view

    I speack about 324 watts load, you can see the tempratures of the Speen fun 4.0 i do spend alote of time in Termprature to hardware issues and i managed to put it down as possible as i can.
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