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Hi, I am building my first computer now and almost done, but I have 1 wires with 2 plugs thats not plug in yet from the front case, which says HD Audio, and AC'79. The motherboard i got is M4A89GTD PRO, and i cant find anywhere on the motherboard to plug them in. The only place thats seems to fit the plug is the AAFC part of the motherboard, but it doesnt seen right. is there any expansion parts i need to buy for the motherboard or something? appreciate it if anyone can help. The case i got btw is thermaltake VL90001W2Z


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  1. look at the manual for where the boards Front panel headings are.
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    Hi MikeC123,

    I used the HD Audio one, and on my Asus motherboard it plugged into the 10-1 pin AAFP
    connector on the bottom left corner of the board after it had been fitted into the case.

    Hope this helps.

    Regards keith263
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  4. Hi MikeC123,

    Glad to be of help, hope it resolved your concerns.

    Regards keith263
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