Phenom 965 not recognized on am2 motherboard

I need somebody to help me, i have a am2 socket motherboard, and i have just installed a amd phenom ii 965 processor, the system boots and everything loads but when i right click on my computer its on the processor part its saying unknown does anybody have any iead is to why it's saying this & as its saying unknown is it going to effect the performance of the processor?

Hope somebody can help me.
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  1. You probably need to update the BIOS for that old motherboard to fully recognize the new CPU. What motherboard do you have and what BIOS version?
  2. bios is a good option. also you board may not support fully the 965...

    What board is it and then we can make a conclusion to your problem

    download cpu id - google it and let us know what board it is if there is a revision that would help too.
  3. The motherboard id is FOXCONN Version 080014 and the date is 10/23/2008

    anymore info just ask.

    It boots up me PC to so its working just saying unknown on the processor discription.

    I bought it to play fsx on but its lagging with 3gbs of ram would i need more ram into my computer so it dosnt lag as much.
  4. A690GM2MA or a a6vmx-k seems could be the board

    - jeez its like saying ive got a red car and i need a part for it -

    this is not a 965 compatible board..

    looks like you going to need a newer board --

    we really need to know what model your board is to be sure...

    all because the chip fits doesnt mean its going to work correctly
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