Mobo cpu ram upgrade

Hello peoples

I will be upgrading from
my old mobo
3gb of ddr2 ram
e6600 dual oced to 3.2 ghz
Very old 300 gb HDD

to this

i5 760
Asus p7p55d-e Pro
Gskils Ripjaws 2x4 Gb 1600 999-24

vertex2 60gb
caviar black 1tb sata3

I already have the ssd and the hdd
What I want to know is the best cpu,mobo,ram combo.

I found that on new egg

It will be for gaming ( DIII SC2, Blackops etc...)
and maybe also for some light virtual machine

I will use win7
I have a 750 W xfx black psu and a 5770 sapphire vapor-x

I think the
Asus p7p55d-e Pro
gives me room for extra gpu in the future as well as sata3 and usb3 wiouth compromising eachother like the other boards

I would like 8 gb of ram but I do not see any better deal.
Thx for the proposition!
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  1. You can't link to the shopping cart. Either link each part (or combo) individually (preferred) or create a public wishlist.

    Don't both upgrading yet. Sandy Bridge is due out in a couple of weeks (Jan. 9 is the last I've heard), and that will bring huge changes to Intel's lineup. I've read (on anandtech's preview) that we're looking at a 20-30% increase in performance for roughly the same prices.

    I should also point out that 8 GB of RAM is practically pointless. Yes, it's cheap right now, but you don't need it. Games don't benefit from more than 4 GB, so spending extra isn't going to get you anything. Instead, spend only $40 on Corsair's XMS3 1333 mhz CAS Latency 9 or $70 on G.Skill Ripjaws 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7. The G.Skill option would be better if you want to do a lot of overclocking.

    Another potential option is to go to AMD's side of the house. The X4 955 (and accompanying board, like the ASRock 870 Extreme3) will cost you around $150 less, which means you could immediately get that shiny second 5770 now.
  2. Do you know if the price of the current intel cpu will go even lower when sandy is out ??
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    No, but I can't see it staying the same.

    No matter what happens with Sandy Brigde, you lose nothing from waiting. There are essentially three potential outcomes. 1.) Sandy Bridge enters the market at current prices (i5 for $200), and current CPUs get a huge price cut. 2.) Sandy Bridge enters the market at slightly higher prices and the current CPUs get a slight price cut. 3.) Sandy Bridge enters at new prices levels (like the i5 for $300) and the current CPUs aren't affected.

    Under situation #1 and #2, you get either more performance for roughly similar prices or the same performance for less. Under #3, nothing changes, and all you've lost is some time waiting. I'd say that the first two situations are a lot more likely.
  4. I do not see interest in the sandry bridge because i5 760 can do everything for gaming and I do not need the graphic chipset inside.
    I also do not want to pay for a 1155 250$ mobo

    and they will use the same features usb3 sata3 pcie 2.0 anyway right ....

    I only want to know when the price will be fuckaing low I tought now was a good moment.

    so yeah I guess i will wait until january
  5. You do realize that Sandy Bridge is going to have something like a 20-30% performance bump? That's a huge difference, whether or not you need integrated graphics.

    Even if you don't need that power, the prices on the current Intel offerings are all going to fall as well.
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