Worry about ATI 5850 Performance ?

Hi guys , We all know that new VGA card need Good System to work fine .

I was choosing hardwares , & i stuck on mobo , I want see 5850 fully get used when i play games ( i want fast frame rates )

But I dont have enough knowledge about these things :

Will 5850 match with my hardwares ( because when hardware doesnt match it takes Speed hit )

Will 5850 fully get used on my PCI lanes ( as i saw in other thread , even GIGA mobos that reduce 5850 to 8X , there is no difference , but in other place there were a frame Difference in 4x & 8x )

My choosed hardwares are these :
CPU : i5 760 2.8GHZ
Mobo: GA P55A USB 3.0 or UD3 ( stuck in it )
Ram & PSU : high enough !

My problems are 5850 performance , i wnat see if that choosed Mobo wont hurt my 5850 Performance , & i will experinece true ATI 5850 true ability .
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  1. First of all,a single 5850 will operate at x16 on either of those motherboards.Unless you use it in CF.
    If you are going to use 1 card,then make sure you get a motherboard that allows you to run it at x16(because in single mode,the difference between x16 and x8/x4 is noticeable)
  2. Just noticed that you made a similar thread in Motherboard's sections, so follow your discussion there and don't make multiple threads with same subjects.
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