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6850 or 460 or 6870?

I plan on using the card(s) for gaming on 1600x1200 res. I hear the pros/cons of each cards. For example, 6850 has good performace but heats up and sucks up a lot of power. Therefore, I want to hear more opinions on what I should do. I might buy 460 now and run sli in the future, or just buy one 4870. Or possibly crossfire 6850s.
As for the rest, I plan to buy i5 760, asrock p55 extreme 4, 600w, 4gb ddr3 10600. If I need to post anything more, please tell me.
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    For your resolution, all of those cards are overkill IMO.Because a single 5770 can handle everything fine on that res.But if you only want a card between those,then go with GTX 460.
    And if you want to use SLI/CF later,consider a new monitor first.(with a higher resolution)
  2. Yes. I did hear about the cards (any of the three) being an overkill for res less than 1900x. That is why I plan on getting a better monitor in the future. Thanks for the input.
    Oh I think I will go with a 6850, the price is normally 250,000-320,000 won (Korea), but I somehow found a 160,000 one lol!!! In fact, I will buy two for crossfire (for future use).
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