Is 1200w a problem here?

I have a rig in my mind and though I don't need 1200w ps yet, I plan to start with 1 gtx580 to start and maybe sli another later. But I am reading very good things about Corsair's 1200w ps. I originally was going to go for their 1000w model but the reviews aren't so hot on him.
So my question, besides whether you all think Corsair's 1200w ps is totally hot, is will I have issues using such a huge power supply? I've heard some horror stories about frying up outlets and such. Somebody set me straight please.

Oh, the case will be a Silverstone Fortress, with the usual, i7 Sandy, with a Prolimatech Megahelams, on a Asus Revolution MB.
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  1. You will have no issues using a 1200w power supply. It will only use / draw what power is required for your system. It isn't going to "overkill" the system by sending 1200w to it when only requires 550w.

    What you may have issues with is the efficiency of the PSU running at lower wattage. You find most PSU like to run at a certain percentage of it's power basically. With you system only running at about 1/2 of it's efficiency, it could have an efficiency issue. Shouldn't be a system issue but just a not running as designed.
  2. You will not have any problems with a high powered psu in regards to the health of the other pc components.
    You'll only use the power demanded by the pc components and applications you're running.
    Whether you need 1200W or not is debatable.
    You could probably get away with a high quality 850-950W.
    Two GTX 580's under full stress is a tad more the 700W full system with an oc'd i7 9xx according to Guru3D.
    That leaves a good 150W especially with a SB cpu which uses less power.
    Most quality 850W psu's deliver 1000W.
    Here's some good units.
  3. thanks gents for the replies. And Davcon, what you're telling me is music to my ears. :)

    Thanks for the short list too.
  4. According to:

    Cosrair PSU's are the best on the market atm. (the corsair HX series)
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